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Indications point to Saraki to clinch PDP Presidential ticket


Indications point to Saraki to clinch PDP Presidential ticke


It’s no news that the PDP Convention in which the party will pick their presidential candidate will be held tomorrow in Port Harcourt. What is on everyone’s mid is who the main opposition party will give the ticket to.


Indications are emerging that Dr. Bukola Saraki will emerge as the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party


There have been several pointers to this possibility ever since Dr Saraki made his declaration to run for office in August. These speculations have largely due to his track record as a competent and unifying leader during his time as governor and Senate President. Bukola Saraki has also gained a reputation both online and offline as an ingenious politician.


If the Peoples Democratic Party goes ahead to make Dr Saraki their flag bearer, this will spell doom for the APC, as Nigerians are yearning for a politician of his calibre to Grow Nigeria and turn the country around.

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