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The Shallows : Return of the Shark


Seeing a movie like “Jaws” as kid I became fascinated with sharks. I began researching, looking into every Children’s Encyclopedia I could find…it was more like an obsession (One of the reasons I did not have a social life). It was obvious, jaws had touched me in some way and I believed that it was going to be long before I felt that way about any Movie again……Not even “Deep Blue Sea”….Nope.Then I saw “The Shallows” recently and I was blown away. This remarkable Survival Thriller directed by Jaume Collet Serra is undoubtedly the best shark Movie i’ve seen in a long time ,and i’ve seen a lot.
Its the simple story of a young female surfer played the beautiful Blake Lively, who gets trapped on a rock after she is attacked by a shark on entering its feeding ground unwittingly. With a Cast of just 7 in the entire Movie, the film is a victorious emancipation from the Cliché Shark B Movies, boasting of exquisite Originality, an Originality I haven’t seen since “Jaws”, Its not just a Story of shark attacks, but one of survival.
Blake lively had a performance that was flawless and Charming . She pulled the audience (me) into the movie with her acting, in other words, I felt what she felt and saw what she also saw.
I personally feel “The Shallows” marks the return of the Shark to Movie theatres worldwide and could possibly do for the swimmers and surfers of this Era what “Jaws” did for them in the 1970s . It’s a big 85% rating for me (Trust me, this is a very high rating in my book)…Haba,…the film too much abeg. Now, if you would excuse, I have plans to See this movie for the Third time. Later Folks.


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