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The Horror Genre



Some people would say “This dude likes Horror Movies”, well…the Truth is,..I do…as much as I love every other genre. There is this flame that is lit in me every time I see a Horror movie. Horror Movies arouse every sense of imagination I have. The question of “What if” is raised at every single scene in a Movie, that feeling of expecting the unexpected- “I love it”. Now, if you’ve read my previous article on Horror, you would have deduced the various sub genres of Horror available. The Horror genre is divided in the following genres :

Monster Movies


Possibly the first and most popular type of Horror movies ever since the success of Dracula in the 1930s that starred Bella Lugosi. These are movies in which Characters are stalked and killed by a monster or an unexplained creature of some kind. Vampires, Zombies, Aliens and Were wolves are normally the Villains in such movies. Sci-fi Horror films sometimes fall under this category.

Slasher Movies
Made Popular in the 1960s with the success of Hitchcock’s “Psycho“. These movie are most popular among the younger generation for the fact that they deal with young people (Mostly teenagers/College kids) being stalked by a masked serial murderer who is normally not revealed till the End of the Movie.

Natural Horror Movie
These movies really define the term “Man versus Nature”. These are films in which Characters are hunted and killed by a force f nature (An animal). This sub genre was made popular by the success of “Jaws” in 1975.

Ghost Stories/Supernatural Horror films
Possibly the most popular genre today, ghost stories or Supernatural Horror films talk about characters being hunted and killed by supernatural entities like ghosts, poltergeist, and Demons mainly. They seem to be the oldest after Monster movies due to the fact that movies with Haunted houses have been around for a long time.

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