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Buhari’s Corruption Line-up for Next Level Campaign


A few hours after Boko Haram attacked the Nigerian military in the Northeast, President Buhari without much empathy launched his campaign by releasing the names of the members of his campaign council. Like everything with him, it took a long time to come out, and now that it has, the list is filled with some of the biggest names in corruption. Here are a few:

Tinubu: he is the Campaign Advisory Board Chairman. He owns Alpha-Beta which till today, fleeces billions off the Lagos state government . He does all the contracts in Lagos state and has his guy as the Boss of FIRS, to corner Nigeria’s revenue generation.

Aliko Dangote: Business man diversifying to Oil. He hates competition. He knows Buhari will not sell the moribund and inefficient NNPC. As such, he will be the only refiner in Nigeria. His refinery at Ibeju Lekki can only make monstrous profits if the NNPC remains inefficient. Is this his reason for joining the campaign train? Is he being held captive and threatened with enemy action against his business interests if he fails to join campaign council?

Otedola: great friends with Aliko. Involved in a bribery scandal with Senator Lawan. Sold shares in Forte so he can invest in Dangote’s refinery. They don’t want competition and Buhari will ensure that. He is held captive by threats to unleash the FIRS and EFFC on him if he fails to join the campaign trail.

Akpabio- Campaign coordinator for South-South. Stole N142 billion from Akwa Ibom state. Blackmailed by EFCC to deliver the South-South to APC in 2019, or else risk jail time. Known for his greed in Akwa Ibom.

Ayiri Emami: He is the top oil bunkerer in Warri. In fact, everyone knows that he controls the drug cartel in Warri too. He is the chief sponsor of APC in Delta state. What a line-up against corruption. He is a Director in Buhari’s campaign Council.

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi: Looted Rivers state dry. Chief sponsor of Buhari 2015 election. Indicted by a judicial panel and only recently gave a $195m contract to an unregistered Israeli firm, while paying $50m upfront to his peers. Strikingly corrupt, but the Campaign Chairman of the APC.

General Abdulrahman Dambazzau: Fired by GEJ for Arms purchase fraud, current Minister of Interior under APC. Police, Civil Defense, Immigration and Customs Boss. Now heading APC campaign security. In his current executive position, it unethical for him to be partisan as he would wield paramilitary might to unduly secure power for his party.

Hadiza Bala Usman: Nigeria lost $19bn to inefficiency at the ports according to a US Newspaper; Bloomberg. Her agency; NPA, has not remitted NGN 2.8 billion 2018 proceeds to TSA. Is she going to be one of the major sponsors of the APC? Yes, she’s already involved in the $2 million bribery scandal wot Oshiomole during the APC primaries. This was why she was added in the campaign team as a Director Mobilization. It is what she does best.

Adamu Adamu: Minister of Education and campaign Secretary. ASUU is on strike and all he wants to do is to be flying around campaigning for a second tenure. They don’t care about about the youth..That is just a campaign speaking point.

George Akume: A regular EFCC customer in 2007. Presently a saint because he is now in APC. On 11th June 2007, he was interrogated by EFCC. His case is still in court, but you know what, he is being blackmailed for it. Campaign for Buhari or go to jail. Paid Benue lawmakers N4m each to impeach Benue State governor Samuel Ortom.

Ali Ndume: A court in Nigeria 6 years ago confirmed evidence, tying him to Boko Haram. Perhaps he could give us some apologies for thousands of soldiers lost to Boko Haram, like Lt. Col Abu Ali. An SSS forensic expert; Aliyu Usman confirmed this. Today, he’s tasked with delivering a Buhari re-election campaign.

Wammako: has more than 8 count charges by the EFCC to his name. Remains a saint because he is a sponsor of APC and in the campaign team.
In 2019, Mr. Integrity has none to offer.

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