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Are Igbo Officers Not Good Enough For Appointment?


President Muhammadu Buhari was in the South East States of Enugu and Anambra to commission the burial ground of Chief Nnamdi Azikiwe, and as well solicit for votes. After a welcome from the APC members in Enugu, the president sped off for his engagement in Anambra, where he spoke to people present.

People wanted to know why he did not appoint any Igbo man into any office across the security apparatus of the country. The president stated that it was because he made his appointments based on merit. This has left most Igbos questioning the appointments, since for the sake of Federalism and inclusion, cut off marks are reduced in South Eastern States, to accommodate Northern friends and brothers.

An Igbo person who was interviewed but chose to remain anonymous, stated that “it is not okay is to label more than 30 million people as ‘not good enough’.” The campaign ended, but the trails are yet to heal, so says many onlookers.

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