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Ads To Join Whatsapp Features – Facebook

After being free to use for years, Facebook says the messaging service will start showing ads alongside its popular Status feature as a way to monetize the app.


After being free to use for years, details are starting to come out about just how Facebook will monetize the most used mobile messaging app WhatsApp which it purchased in 2014 for $19 billion.

According to the The Economic Times, a WhatsApp Vice President Chris Daniels says the messaging service will start showing ads alongside its popular Status feature. He also added that the ads would be the service’s “primary monetization mode for the company” and would offer “an opportunity for businesses to reach people.” However, no timeline was given for the change.

‘Status’ is WhatsApp’s version of Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram Stories, consisting of quick posts and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat already allows for ads to play between its stories while Instagram allows companies to sponsor stories with those posts featuring a line of text saying they are part of a “paid partnership” with the sponsor.

Questions about how the Facebook-owned messaging service would monetize itself have been ongoing since it decided to drop its subscription fee back in 2016. At the time the company said, “you can still count on absolutely no ads interrupting your communication,” in adherence to the service’s original principles.

But times have changed at WhatsApp since the founders have exited, motivated in part by Facebook exploring advertising-based revenue models for the service without consulting them. The company introduced ways for the service to make money from businesses earlier this year.

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